How To Terraform Venus (Quickly)

Birt 6 júl 2021
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Leaving earth to find new homes in space is an old dream of humanity and will sooner or later be necessary for our survival. The planet that gets the most attention is Mars, a small, toxic and energy poor planet that just about seems good enough for a colony of depressed humans huddled in underground cities.

But what if we think bigger? What if we take Venus, one of the most hostile and deadly places in the solar system and turn it into a colony? Not by building lofty cloud cities, but by creating a proper second earth? It might be easier than you think.

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    • @Angst Legion that’s actually a great idea

    • *RedSky-RedEarth* A 500-600 year project I'm writing a book about whereby we freeze (via a Dyson Sphere) Venus and collect it's carbom dioxide into a moon before we shoot it at Mars. Mars will recieve a lot of sunlight to heat it up and make it viable for artificial photosynthasis. Effectively making both planets habitable within 600 years or so. However i did the calulations and it would take up to 2000 years to make venus comerically viable because plants spread slowly and it's an entire planet we hope to boom into existance

    • We can't turn any planet into earth and if were waiting for earth to be earth then were will we wait while wait for thousands of years.

    • True

    • @Kenya Tanzania you dont have to write "In your next" in capslock

  • If we can't turn anything into earth then we are doomed, good to know

  • oh great, corona virus will follow us to the edge of space. 3:54

  • I think we should stay where we are because we are already trashing out our planet so why would we do it the same for another planet I know people say they won't do it but they will always do it and no one can stop them!!

  • Man: loses 100 pounds in 1 year 😂 Venus: becomes breathable in thousands of years 😮😎 Venus 1 Man 0

  • are you somehow greman?

  • This might have happened to earth before and venus got way too polluted. I mean i we woud'nt even know right?

  • Look if dogs dont exist i will cause the downfall of humanity

  • Why don’t we learn to control our weather here before terraforming elsewhere

  • It’s genuinely easier to make a hellscape into an Earth than it is making the Earth into an Earth again.

  • wait till they find out what rhymes with venus

  • Lmao corona virus

  • Wait subnatica below zero

  • Por favor. Subtitulo en español

  • That's pretty rediculouse

  • Why not just colonize Jupiter’s moon or Saturns. They have water.

  • “Standing on Venus’ surface would feel like taking a dive 900 meters deep into the ocean. The pressure would kill you instantly.” Subnautica players: I’m 4 parallel universes ahead of you

  • now i know u make like a cartoons im a kid so now i anderstan

  • A vibrant forest can exist with 180 days of darkness followed by 180 days of daylight in a given year. We know this because 70 million years ago Antarctica was already positioned over Earth's southern pole and it was covered with plant life and large dinosaurs. The climate, even over the pole, was subtropical at the time.

  • Terraforming Venus: Possible but not feasible. Reason: giant mirrors.

  • About the protector mirrors... Would they stay constantly protecting Venus from the sun, or they in some moment would spin faster than Venus, and then can't protect Venus from the Sun?... And other thing, the reflect mirrors would stay fix or rotating Venus? And This would be affect the life of any way with the day-night cycle?

  • why not turn all the co2 into rocket fuel, use solar energy to drive the process.

  • Sooooo… there is a planet B?

  • Why not collect venus’s gas and transport it to mars creating an atmosphere And we can populate 2 planets in the place of one 🤷🏻

  • why not just build rafts or something on Europa?

  • Nice

  • No you can’t

  • I know humans don't exactly have the technology for terraforming yet but seeing this makes me want to just do it ourselves! Then again you humans might get pissed that we not only took your Mars but your Venus too.

  • Elon Musk watching this: "And I took that personally"

  • Your idea is amazing but we dont have much time I mean our population is growing super fast

  • The cyclical flooding of lava of most of the surface will definitely be a huge problem.

  • how ????????

  • we are going tu turn venus into earth and eart into venus

  • who else saw the geico ad and realized how the narrorator (of kurzgesagt) and the gecko's voices are alike

  • and covid on mirror

  • RIP that two 'brib's, one drowned and the other's head exploded for some reason

  • 7:51 there a mario fish

  • Scientists will watch this and they will start trying to do it now

  • looks like terraforming Mars with extra steps...

  • "If you think about it, your imagination is the only thing stopping you from doing all kinds of things". So, in short, no imagination - no limits? :D

  • The music on this episode was so good O.O

  • hmmmm so your definition of quickly is several thousand years?

    • in general yes its very quick

  • By this logic of plausibility, anything can become habitable, just cool down the sun and catapault planets into it to create solid land and we can live on it.

  • So we are just all gonna turn Venus and Mars into an earth but we won’t mind turning earth back to earth?

    • I'm pretty sure it's just a video explaining a concept. I don't think everyone plans on actually terraform it yet.

  • The charming ticket histomorphometrically pat because bottle neurobiologically move absent a macho floor. doubtful, obese idea

  • we then have to make earth back to earth again too though

  • Sounds like terraforming any planet in our solar system to going to be a whole lot of effort with a high chance of failure. Given the technological and infrastructure prerequisites for terraforming, maybe we should focus on large orbital habitats instead...

  • Sun: pew pew solar storm

  • very optimistic to say the least

  • Easy

  • 1:57 there are barcode trees

  • so if some intergalactic space pirates destroy those mirrors, they will barbeque everyone on venus?

  • Damn. Venus is getting a glow up😳🤚 but what will happen? We need venus to light up the night with moon?

  • but you told it might be easier than you think

  • Ima send this to Elon musk

  • a scientist's wet dream

  • sulfuric acid clouds... not a word about that. eee ??

  • 🌸I like Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell🌸

  • If we want to ensure humanity's survival, why terraform a planet that is more likely to be destroyed by the sun as it approaches the end of its life? The outer planets make more sense.

  • Imagine having this guy as your science teacher

  • The birds are cute and it's so sad to watch them die😔

  • This video is more entertaining than any movie or TV show I’ve watched in years.

  • So, "no." The answer is , "no Venus."

  • Cool

  • 7:41 splatoon reference

  • Leave Europa alone.

  • I wont live that long Edit : couldnt we throw trash to other planets

  • Plus there is frozen water in the poles in mars so taking a few 100 tons of ice from earth and letting it melt

  • Plus no need of finishing of any moon or planet just for sake scientific experiments 🧪

  • Plus until that we’ve probably passed the dark energy horizon

  • Plus by using mars it will take like just a few centuries or a millennium and we need not to do the process done ✅ on Venus here

  • Bruh why don’t we try it on Mars bc first we might finish mercury but in mars it is the 2nd most habitable place in our solar system

  • this way of transformation takes more than 20 generations to compelete. kurzgesagt: (quickly)

  • so were creating a new earth just to destroy it again...

  • Checking back on this video in 4244

  • Like, I know I won’t be alive to see it, but I’m still gonna be excited over it

  • Plant a tree, not for it to cast a shadow for you, but for the future generations.

  • The funny thing is the most likely way this is attainable is through communism. XD

  • Jeez. all this science makes me believe theres no life after death and that it's purely a coincidence that i am alive and present in this era :I

  • Instead of stealing water from Europa, let's go live there, screw Venus

  • That mirror will melt in 4 days

  • I absolutely adore your videos, Keep it up!

  • nuts

  • Dude i love ur vids

  • Title: How to transform Venus (QUICKLY) *Talks about how it will take several centuries to make Venus live able*

  • this seems like a cool game idea

  • What if we just turned Earth back into Earth?

  • Wow

  • rather than keeping the mirrors to solve the slow rotations, there's another solution that scientists also consider, which is crashing a meteor into the planet to kick start a faster rotation. That way the mirrors are only necessary to cool the planet down but not to maintain it permanently

  • 7:22 Are those sound effects from Astroneer??? They sound very familiar!

  • These gon be like Minecraft building tutorials in the future

  • I didn’t know salmonids lived on venus

  • I see a splatoon reference somewhere in 7:51 ... *wink wink* 😅😂🤣

  • In 150 years Venus will no longer be hot lol

  • That is a very nice idea besides colonizing mars

  • amazing plan we will do it in the future i hope and make it a better place than earth

  • Intro never g’ets old

  • Theories say Venus was once a planet like earth, a 'green world plenty of life'. So this video is just about 'fixing Venus' but why we just don't fix earth then?.. Also i think this is just an extremely optimistic fantasy.

  • What about a video on URanus

  • We should start terraforming Venus asap. But I don't thing playing with ice CO2 is efficient. Better to bombard Venus with ice and metal asteroids. It might become even hotter, but explosion would release Calcium in crust that would react with C02, after that with semi-transparent mirrors reduce temperature to 50~40 degrees and seed cyanobacteria right away. Pressure might kill them, but they can also float in clouds. This might end green house effect, and with mirrors would reduce temperature and pressure in centuries. Exceed Carbon from cyanobacteria would will settle down to ground. Another problem for Venus is magnetosphere and slow rotation. Rotation could be fixed with asteroids falling in special trajectory. Magnetosphere with electric cable across planet